Frost Bite 100 Benefit Ride

As many of you know, we had our first ever Frost Bite 100 this past weekend on January 16, 2010. The purpose for the ride was to bring riders from all over the Up State of South Carolina and surrounding areas together for one cause: To provide a sense of hope in someone’s time of need.

Since late September and early October, we had been requesting names of various families from all over that were in need of financial help. Needless to say, we only received two names: Phil Webb from Pelzer South Carolina and Stan “Papa Smurf” McClellion of Anderson (Papa Smurf is an M25 point man who is currently suffering with cancer).

Hard CORE Motorcycle Ministry had invited people from all over using any means we could to get involvement from the biker community. Timm’s Harley Davidson in Anderson, South Carolina sponsored the event, providing doughnuts, coffee, and hot chocolate to all riders that morning, and the ride concluded at Sue’s Wings and Things Restaurant and Bar. We provided American flags to all bikes that registered and rode to attach to their bikes. We then made a 100 mile ride through communities and towns in the surrounding areas, with the flags waving proudly in the wind as we went. The weather was very much against a really good turnout. We did have 23 bikes in attendance and at $20.00 dollars per bike plus some donations we collected $600.00 dollars.

At the close of the day, Sue, the owner of Sue’s Wings and Things, drew a name for us to determine the recipient of the day’s proceeds. The name drawn to receive the funds was Papa Smurf. A club in the Up State, called “Groundpounders,” and other hand-selected bikers (non Hard CORE members) who attended that day, along with Pastor Eric Boggs of Beech Springs Tabernacle, made the delivery to Papa Smurf and his wife at Greenville Memorial Hospital. Pastor Eric Boggs of Beech Springs Tabernacle had this to say, “Papa Smurf was blown away by the money that was collected and the clubs that took the money to him were ministered to by Papa Smurf as he lay in that hospital bed, and talked to them.” The clubs and groups that delivered the money were able to see God at work firsthand in the lives of believers, and they were involved with the whole process of giving back to a community by touching one family’s life that they didn’t even know.

The event was covered in full by Thunder Press, and Full Throttle Magazine. The articles and photos will be published in the March issues.

Hard CORE Motorcycle Ministries, riding with the Mission of M25 in mind, had 4 goals going into this day:

1. Perform a community ride with the American flag displayed on as many bikes as possible to hopefully restore hope and faith, in what that flag is really about and what it truly represents “Hope.”

2. Create connections with other clubs or organizations (not necessarily ministries) and bring them together by involving them in the event of riding for someone in their community.

3. Be a light in the biker community, and create relationships that would carry us through 2010.

4. Raise money from bikers to go back into communities and families that were in need, but not necessarily bikers (pay it forward).

Hard CORE of South Carolina believes that sometimes in order to be first, you have to be last. That day, we laid everything aside for someone else and let the day be about involving others and recognizing them. Giving sacrificially is often giving to those you don’t know and receiving a blessing from God for your effort.

I truly believe that everyone in attendance experienced a blessing that day. Kevin, writer for Full Throttle magazine, said he was moved by what he experienced that day and looked forward to the 2nd Annual Frostbite 100. He also said he would cover any and all events that we had in the future no matter how large or how small. We rode as Hard CORE Motorcycle ministries, while representing the purpose of Mission: M25, a ministry of hope.

We accomplished all of our goals and built some relationships along the way.

Mission Completed.
Mission Successful.

Mike “Bandit” Carlisle

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2 thoughts on “Frost Bite 100 Benefit Ride”

  • Sounds like you guys has a good time. There is still snow on the ground here but I did go out the last 2 days and crank up my scooter. In your consideration for fund raising there is a family that you may want to consider. You can go onto and go to isobelleharrell to find out about her and her family. This is my grandaughter. She has danny walker synd. not a nice thing to have. She is 2 and weighs 28 lbs. Well just a thought from here in the snow in Wythe county Virginia. Mike

  • This was a great ride and enjoyed the fellowship with all the riders that rode. Look forward to the next event with Hardcore. Drifter

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