North Carolina Conference M25 – Rehab and Recovery Workshop

North Carolina Conference M25 – Rehab and Recovery Workshop

This training will equip the church for ministry for years to come. This is more than alcohol and drugs, it is to help those in any type of bondage become free through the power of Jesus.  The meeting is Nov. 20th from 10:00 am until 1:30pm.

Training this session is Mr. Woody Inman and his wife Joette. Between the two of them they have many years of service in this ministry.  Woody has served Hope Harbor and Cumberland county for many years. He is currently on the Myrover Reese Fellowship Board. Joette is a licensed counselor of 12 years and teaches in clinical settings.

Gary Whaley from First Church of Goldsboro will be sharing the prayer shawl ministry with a marvelous testimony. This will touch your heart, and share how to get this ministry started for nursing homes, and to those who may be in their last days on this earth. We do not want anyone to miss Heaven. We are praying for you, and know you will reach the highest goal Christ has set for you. May you continue to be blessed of Him.

To all Pastors, this will be a great investment into the ministry of God. If you have any one who has the heart for people to be set free, then bless them and send them to this seminar, or even attend it yourself. Will you answer the call, and be HIS SHEEP? Matthew 25 !!! Remember, the fields are ripe for harvest… There are many souls waiting for this breakthrough.


The meeting is Nov. 20th from 10:00 am until 1:30pm. You may register at the event. HONDURAN Coffee and light refreshments served. 3 CEU’s for attendance!!!

Registration starts at 9:15. Registration fee is 10.00 per person. You may pre-register through e-mail, or by sending check to:
North Carolina Conference M25
7209 Butler Nursery Rd.
Fayetteville, NC  28306

Make your registration payment out to NC conference and please send phone number as well.

Questions 910-307-9915

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