Thanksgiving for All

CORD Inc a ministry of Christian Heritage Church in Amarillo TX had 15 volunteers join to feed approximately 120 homeless on Wednesday, November 24th. Reports of renewed relationships & sharing the Word were enjoyed.

Herb Thompson and volunteers bring Thanksgiving to those in need.
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1 thought on “Thanksgiving for All”

  • As we visit the various churches in our new neighborhood. we have yet found one out of the 10 that have out of the box experiences. we are excited to bring the experiences we learned at CHRISTIAN HERiTAGE to anyone who will listen and now that we are healthier, we will try to make you proud. ps give some praise to the Friday night dinners served downtown by those few volunteers and the cooks that fly under the wire iT may be only 15-30 people of the street but just one at a time isn’t that what we learned? love you guys stu&pat

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