Free Camp 2014

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Free Camp in 2014 has been amazing and special this year. I say amazing because when you think of how many kids get touched in multiple state sites, it’s in the hundreds of hundreds. There are different locations, different activities, but same heart. Free Camp’s heart exists to give kids a free spiritual encounter with God and to break down all types of barriers.

This outreach driven and community supported camp has seen countless stories come up. One story comes with a kid in Tiger Mountain, Oklahoma who was just always staying away from his group, yet stood still long enough to meet Jesus. That’s when amazing meets special. You could see a difference coming from the inner workings of his heart.

Also, so many kids are blown away by the quality of these camps and can’t believe they are going to eat more than one meal. In Texas, the Amarillo Free Camp celebrated 25 years this year. This is an amazing feat and the long-term commitment has seen campers become junior helpers and junior helpers become adult leaders. At one of the outreaches, the Free Camp staff ran into a lady who was a camper in 1998 and still spoke in amazement and high appreciation for what that camp meant to her.

Pastor Gary Burd, M25 director, had God speak to him about this camp and it was birthed in 1990. Over the years it has been an evangelistic tool to reach out to the kids of the community. It doesn’t matter what you look like or how much your parents make. Free Camp is for all.

Jake Bunn
National Free Camp Director

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