Diaper Run 2017 – Final Report

Why would five men, ranging in age from 35 years of age to 66 travel over 5,800 miles, with over 2400 of those miles done in 47 hours and 53 minutes on a motorcycle?

Why would men, including a 73 year old man, spend money to purchase a brand new pickup and spend twelve days following the five men on the motorcycles?

Was it done because they ‘love’ riding motorcycles to extreme limits? Was it done to prove they could endure to validate their manhood?

There were several reasons the 96,136 diapers, 115,152 baby wipes and $17,700 was raised

First, it was our original desire to see the IPHC family know across this land we had an alternative to abortion, Royal Home

Starting line in El Cajon, CA

Ministries aka RHM in Falcon, NC. In our travels, we learned there were many who had no idea such a place  existed. Our desire was to activate the ‘whole’ of the church family in supporting and sending young women to this wonderful place.

Second, we wanted the world to know that Christians were not all about protest (which can be misread) but we wanted to help, not condemn. Sure, we oppose sex outside of marriage for all the right reasons but life happens, to the best of families (whatever that means). So, if it happens, we are quick to help reconcile and support the one who feels there is no way out. The IBA (Iron Butt Association) sanctions our ride, please see the attached picture. I will repeat the quotation written by them, ‘50cc Diaper Run Coast to Coast in less than 50 Hours while collecting diapers and raising awareness for the Royal Home Ministries and IPHC’s commitment to LIFE”. Please acknowledge the fact this is a secular organization recognizing our efforts for life and support to the world!

Third, our approach was to help the young lady (later we learned there were men who deal with this sin later in life) not make a choice that would lead to a lifetime of regrets. We wanted to save them from the ugly memories.

Fourth, we wanted to save the baby’s life. We asked ourselves, have we aborted the baby that would grow up and find the cure for cancer? The drug problem? Two young men, one 35, the other 41 years of age, have wanted a family of their own but could not, rode to make a statement of life motivated by their pain.

The Diaper Run trailer

This year we rode in the ‘Missing Man Formation” in memory of the 59 plus million babies aborted since Roe v Wade in 1973. The “Missing Man Formation” has two bikes in the front, two bikes in the back and one bike in between. The slot where the sixth rider would be was left open. We rotated the ride so each one could experience the pain of looking to his right and not seeing a rider, remembering the babies that could have been there.

Fifth, it became a real revelation this year that abortion is a defiance or as interpreted, a reproach to our God. The Bible tells us “we were known before the foundations of the world”. “That the Lord is involved in our development in the womb”. When a baby is aborted, we are screaming at our God and saying He made a mistake. We do not know the ways and thoughts of God inclusively, we do not know how a child conceived out of wedlock works in the order of God, BUT WE CAN BE SURE OF THIS ONE THING, HE KNEW THE BABY WOULD BE CONCEIVED AND HE HAS A PLAN FOR THAT BABY JUST AS MUCH AS HE DOES ANY BABY CONCEIVED.

This year the hurricanes wreaked havoc on our route:

    • We missed nine of our nineteen stops along the way.
    • Churches and people told us they could not give us diapers, baby wipes or money due to sending all they could to the victims of the hurricane (we have no problem with this). Yet we almost doubled our diapers and baby wipes and almost raised as much money as we did the year before.
    • Our team added 163 miles to our route and yet we did it in just 45 minutes longer, still over two hours under the allotted time.

Under the direction of, Marysol Martinez, Director of RHM and President of the Board of Directors, Joey Leggett, working with DRUSA of the IPHC, M25 is linking with these two entities to send 55,000 diapers and 55,000 baby wipes to the hurricane ravished Puerto Rico. We knew from the beginning that we would raise more diapers and baby wipes than could be utilized but believed the vision of RHM was to save lives and young ladies. We knew their Kingdom vision would assist other crisis pregnancy agencies with diapers all in the name of  LIFE. Little did we know the cry from Puerto Rico would be the very thing we had an abundance of.

It has been a standard of M25 to not elevate one minister or ministry over another. A $100 offering maybe as sacrificial (which we believe the Lord judges by) as a donation of $1000, therefore, let us just thank God for the ten stops and the sacrifice of the ministries that made it happen. Our ride would mean nothing  without you.

REMEMBER: It is not the size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog. Thank God for small dogs with a big fight!

At the finish line – Refuge Church in Conway, SC


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