Approaching 2018 on our knees

As Mission M25 approaches 2018 we bathe our efforts in prayer! 

Prayer in my simple definition is a conversation between God and man with the aide of the Holy Spirit’s guidance. 

We will first attempt to be obedient to the commands of the Lord, John 15:14, which will put us in a position for the Lord to speak to us as a friend, John 15:15. Obedience to His written Word will precede our request for His assistance, for we are not immature believers, babies, who must be coddled and nursed.


We will attempt to listen more than we ask, position ourselves in quiet times to ‘hear’ His voice, for we are sheep who know our Master’s voice, John 10:3-5.   


Our request will be for:

  • Health to fulfill His eternal purpose in our lives. We do not ask for a life without pain but a life that represents the grace to fulfill the transcendent  cause in our lives as an example of commitment. 
  • Resources to sustain a stand against the defamation of our King’s name and His Kingdom. 
  • Resources to sustain our life, defined by the Holy Spirit’s leadership. 
  • Resources to sustain our mission, the mandate on our life.
  • Resources to sustain our stand against the injustices of our society
  • Resources enough to not be seen as beggars but little enough for others to witness sacrifice for our commitment to the Kingdom of God.
  • Resources enough to help others lacking enough to get through life
  • Resources limited enough to keep us reliant on the leadership of the Holy Spirit to avoid self-reliance.
  • Resources limited enough to keep us from arrogance and the propensity to look down on the less fortunate with a judgmental eye.

So be it Lord, Amen!





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