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Thank you for joining this vital ministry!

Please read ALL information before you begin. This is a one year commitment to serve and support a military family.  We take aMc commitments seriously and want to ensure you understand what you are committing to. If you have any questions, please email

About aMc

This ministry bridges the “gap” for a child during a parent’s deployment or arms away. We are a branch of Mission:M25’s ministry to the military.

As an “adopter,” you will be paired with a family during a parent(s) deployment or arms away time. The actions defined below are to be taken seriously and fulfilled consistently.

  • Gifts:
    You commit to send gifts during special occasions, such as holidays, birthdays, and other events that may be important in the child’s life. The sending of cards, gifts, and phone calls are encouraged.
  • Affirmation:
    During the deployment period the family back home is sometimes forgotten. Understanding a child has fears, loneliness and feelings of abandonment, the adoptive parent is encouraged to affirm the child. Using scripture, quotes and simple words to lift the child’s heart and build confidence they can make it is vitally important.
  • Prayer:
    Prayers on a regular basis for the child is a must. Prayers for His peace that passes all understanding and Grace to get through this time of separation.
    Pass on the prayers the adoptive parent prayers for the deployed parent. In an endeavor to bring peace to the child, encourage the child to pray for his / her parent.

Our first priority will be IPHC Chaplain’s children followed by children of non-IPHC parents who are deployed. Our IPHC Chaplains help us identify children and families who are a good fit for this ministry.

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