Battle Cry & Knights Training

Battle Cry is a movement birthed out of the South Carolina Conference by Pastor Cory Jones, National M25 Board Member Angel Alba, and M25 National Director Gary Burd.

Men in the Kingdom struggle with the loss of the adventurous spirit and the desire to live risky lives, and have been harnessed with a life of boredom and a mundane schedule. We have been reduced to good little boys that have learned a series of life patterns that have taken the fight out of our church and left the church vulnerable to an enemy that has taken our influence from our nation. The result? Churches that are dead or dying, men who give the Kingdom a couple hours a week, and a society that has been defined as post-Christian.

At Battle Cry, you’ll learn to:
    • Embrace Your Manhood
    • Discover Your Identity
    • Define Your Mission

The heart of Battle Cry is to challenge men to step UP to a new level of selfless and sacrificial love and step OUT to serve people outside their comfort zone in order to earn the right to plant the seed of God’s love in all soils (Mark 4).

Knights Training

When Abram heard that his relative had been taken captive, he called out the 318 trained men born in his household and went in pursuit… – Genesis 14:14

Knights Training is an intensive weekend training that focuses on three basic codes:

  • A Will to follow
  • A Work to do
  • A Woman to Love

During this training, you will learn the biblical definition of manhood, develop a personal creed and mission, and forge deep bonds with fellow knights-in-training. Upon completion of training, each man is knighted and presented with his own sword.

Knights Training is not a one-time program; it’s a call to live a life deeply devoted to Christ and to aggressively advance the Kingdom.

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