Riding For Israel

Mission:M25 is rejoicing for the doors of opportunity that are swinging wide in 2017! The newest opportunity is a ride across Europe with Jewish brothers. Our mission is to make a visible statement of solidarity between Jewish and Christian people. We will be standing together for Israel and remembering the sufferings of the Holocaust. This is a ride for peace, a ride for life, a ride for hope in the face of terrorism.

There will be six USA, Mission:M25 Riders joining Jewish riders from six different countries. This is not a ‘joy’ ride – while it will be exciting and adventurous, as Mission:M25’s protocol, it has a cause. The stops will represent our purpose.

We are looking forward to our time in Israel, approximately two weeks in all. We, of course, will be taking trips to see the sites of our Sacred Text, where the scriptures come to life, living color, instead of ink on pages. We plan on visiting historical sites and military bases as well. There will be time to visit our churches in Israel plus Living Israel Ministries which reaches out to those suffering from addiction and has a coffee house in Tel Aviv.

For more  information, check out www.ride4solidarity.com or follow the ride on FaceBook at Mission M25 Network or GIVE A DAMN #Ride4Solidarity.

You can support Gary & Carolyn by texting ISR to 71777
Or all the riders at: www.jewcer.org/project/ride4solidarity

Route Information

The emotions and value of this ride will be greatly impacted by the real life experience of Nathan Peled of his wife, Ruth Peled and 15 month old granddaughter, Sinai. They were murdered, in 2002, in a terrorist attack committed by a Palestinian suicide terrorist in a major mall near Tel Aviv. It is no longer a ‘story’ but a real life experience that we will be given the opportunity to remember, hopefully to assist in the healing of this tragedy.

On June 11, 2017, M25 will lead a fund raiser for charities supporting Israel in London carrying a torch. We are really excited about the opportunity to show our support as Evangelicals for Israel in front of this expected crowd of 5,000 people. For more information visit www.communityfunrun.org

Adv. Jonathan Arkush, President of the Deputies Board of British Jewry, will lead us from our rally point to the ‘chunnel’ as we embark on this adventure. It is an extreme honor to have a man of such status get on his motorcycle and take us from the city.

On day four, we will make a visit to Dachau Nazi Death Camp, being built in 1933 it was the first of the death camps built by the Nazi’s during WWII. There was approximately 188,000 men, women and children were held and 31,951 were killed during this terrible time in our history. There will be a ceremony that will include a Jewish and Christian Prayer and a moment of silence.

We will then journey to Munchen, Germany (Munich) to visit the coliseum where eleven Jews were killed by terrorist during the 1972 Olympic Games. We will leave a poster with their pictures displayed after having a Jewish Prayer, a Christian Prayer and a moment of silence. As you can see, the flags representing the countries of our riders are displayed with their names listed under their country.

Our visit to the  Mauthausen-Gusen Death Camp in Austria should be another somber moment on our ride. At Mauthausen-Gusen, where the death toll remains unknown, (most sources place it between 122,766 and 320,000 for the entire complex), we will once again participate in a ceremony consisting of a Jewish Prayer, Christian Prayer and a moment of silence.
Upon arrival in Lavrio, we will place our bikes on a ferry and ship them to Haifa. While we take time to visit some of the places we have studied in the Bible of the Apostle Paul.
A repeat! In 2011 M25 led a ride from Tel Aviv to the Western Wall (Run To The Wall) in honor of the IDF (Israeli Defense Force). It was a very moving experience, as Jewish people, Orthodox and Secular joined with Christians in ‘breaking of bread’ and again, a Jewish Prayer and Christian Prayer in front of the great Western Wall. We anticipate a great crowd of riders and a great time of fellowship with all who attend. We welcome all the riders of Israel to join us at Latrun and ride in with us on July 3, 2017. We are so thankful for Coral Travel and Tours for all their hard labor in making this happen for us again.
The finale will be escorting the torch in for the Maccabiah Games – the games were played the last time in 2013. The Jewish Olympic Games will be held in the coliseum located in Jerusalem. On July 6, we will ride into the coliseum as Ride For Soliarity ends i’s mission having left London almost a month before
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